FurryKids@Home, Brisbane’s Pet Care Services

All furrykids@home™ Carers are furry kid enthusiasts – Dogs & Cats, Birds & Fish and we will love and care for them all when you can’t or not @ home. Cuddles, tickles & kind words are their speciality! Each Carer has been specially chosen, has an individual police check and has public liability insurance. Each Carer is over 18 years of age and has a current Queensland drivers licence.

The furrykids@home™Carer you meet at your Introduction/ information meeting will be the Carer who will Care for your Pets while you are away.

FurryKids@Home / FurryKids@Play

Call or Send SMS to Ian 0419 768 168 (Pet Sitting, Dog Walking)

6 Pashen St Hawthorne 4170 (near Morningside), Brisbane

0419 541 008 (Grooming)

or send email to stephanie@furrykidsathome.com.au

Our Experience

Red Carpet Treatment for All Your Pets!

Pet Sitting - 8 years
Dog Walking - 8 years
Dog Day Care - 6 years
Dog Grooming - 4 years
Pet Store - 3 year


Stephanie Pelgrave

Director of FurryKids@Play

Stephanie has been in the Pet industry since 2006. In this time she has attended numerous seminars and courses relating to Dogs and Cats from Basic Dog & Cat Training & behaviours, Nutrition, Aromatherapy oils and Massage for Pets. She is Trained and registered to teach Pet First Aid – One day course through Pet Tech from the USA. Her particular interest is in Holistic Health Care and this includes Modules in Tellington Touch.

Stephanie Over sees the Running of The Pet Boutique at FurryKids, Assists in the Dog Grooming Salon. Her great love is her Little White Wonder, Monet who passed away Jan 2016.She now has a gorgeous golden colored mini poodle pup named Renoir.

Ian Pelgrave

Director of FurryKids@Home
Ian is often spotted these days ‘On walkies’ . He makes the perfect walking companion for furry kids™ being fit, having a love of the out doors and has a patient and kind personality which all furry & feather kids respond to warmly. He has a diverse working background which includes a diploma in horticulture.

Core Team

Senior Groomer / Pet Stylist

Tako is a highly qualified award winning groomer from Hong Kong with 10years experience. Tako’s specialities include scissoring poodles, Breed specific Bichon Frise with powder puff head. When not working Tako enjoys exploring Brisbane, running and keeping fit. Her love is Sugar a mini chocolate poodle.

Chika Hamada Groomer

Chika is a qualified groomer from Japan.World traveller.  Who has lived in Canada and Australia. Having once been the owner of 15 Dogs in Japan to become a groomer and work with them daily was a natural choice of career. Now she has a Kai  cross breed dog named Leon. Chika absolutely loves adores dogs.

Megumi Tomi
Senior Groomer / Pet Stylist

From Yokohama Japan. Megumi Loves Dogs! When she has finished grooming for the day she loves to go out in the doggy Day Care Centre. She is a Very talented groomer with over 4 years experience..

Skilled in traditional Poodle, Westie, Schnauzer and Bichon Frise Scissor Breed grooms.

Sumiko Eyears
Web and Graphic Designer/ Sumico Net

Sumi has been working with FurryKids since Stephanie started the business. She looks after graphic design and website. She also offers photography. Her beloved Australian Cattle Dog Beema has been the face for FurryKids website when he was a puppy. Beema appeared again on FurryKids new website on a red carpet.