Pets Life- Complete Oral Care

Petslife is truly a fantastic product for your dog/cats oral Products for Dogs and Cats
  • Helps eliminate plaque
  • Helps remove tarter
  • Helps reverse gum disease
  • Freshens breath


Many diseases may stem from a dogs mouth. To help secure a long and happy life for your pet ,good Dental hygiene is as important for them as it is for us. And unlike us it is far more difficult for them to let you know if they have a toothache, stomach pains etc.

Don’t wait until your feline or canine is mature in age. Dental Hygiene is important as soon as they have their adult teeth. Fresh Bones are of course excellent, also dental chews e.g roo tendons, goat tendons, cows hooves and other long term chews are excellent to assist in removing tarter build up – which is leads to ‘dogs bad breath’

Pet owners often say to me that they have attempted to brush their pet’s teeth though have a lot of trouble doing so and so give up.

Petslife is effective, simple, quick, easy to use and apply and affordable. Comes in two flavours – peppermint or a peppermint/ salmon

$32 in the gel form. Way less expensive than a teeth clean at your vet!

I apply a small amount weekly onto Monet’s teeth/gums. Smeared over his teeth/ gums before bedtime. Best not to drink any water for 1 hour afterwards. I don’t even have to fight him with the toothbrush!. Monet loves the Salmon flavor. It does seem to be more accepted by dogs and cats than the peppermint flavor.

A combination of the Petslife and dental chews – roo tendons Monet hasn’t had to have his teeth cleaned by the vet for 4 years. That’s a big saving for me and a boy with happy healthy Smile.

 Products avaialble at FurryKids@Play Boutique Pet Store in Morningside


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