Doggy / Puppy Day Care Centre Brisbane

“Cause no one likes to spend the day at home alone”


A Fun approach to Doggy Day Care In Murarrie, Brisbane for small breeds
All sized dogs welcome Come along and join in the fun its…… woof lick sniff gggreat!!!

FurryKids@Home, FurryKids@Play believe all furry kids™ should have some time in their week to be ‘doggies’ ……

Running freely with their ears flapping and tails wagging!! playing chasies in a well secured, Area- having an awesome, playful, lick, sniffing, gggreat day and to go home to their parents very happy and very exhausted!!!

FurryKids@Play, Dog Day Care

  • Doggy Day Care is a fabulous way for your Dog to have the opportunity to socialise with other ‘like minded’ SIMILAR SIZED Doggies
  • Your Much Love Dog will get to know the same dogs really well for play time. Gain in confidence, & Doggie Etiquette.  Have plenty of one on one time with their Furry kid@ Play Carers for cuddles and tickles.
  • We have seen & heard wonderful results for indulging your favourite Pal breaking up the boredom of being at home alone every day; reducing barking, reduces escaping expeditions from their own home and certainly reduces separation anxiety.
  • Your FurryKids also learn ‘doggy etiquette’ and other very pleasing mannerisms!
  • FurryKids@Play is also excellent for puppy’s to learn skills and have ‘lunch time’ in a separate area and for Dogs or senior Dogs  recovering from injuries or who require medication during the day.

Ideal Dog breeds to enjoy our Facilities are:

Yorkies, Maltese, Bichon Frise, Shih Tzes, Toy and Mini Poodles, Small to Small Medium Labradoodles up to about 15/18kg, Mini Schnauzers, Beagles, Cocker spaniels, Cavillers, Cavoodles, Spoodles, Westies, Pugs, Boston Terriers, Jack Russells, Jugs, Fox Terriers …too name a few who spend their day with us.

Sorry we don’t accept larger breeds or breeds with a lot of power in their Play –  e.g Staffies, Staffie X, Boxers, Labradors  etc.

Mummy & Daddy’s much loved furry kid’s day will include:-



•  Wading pools

•  Toys – balls, tug o war ropes, soft & chewy toys

•  Daily Treasure Hunts

•  Plenty of Cuddles & Tickles

•  Lots of Fresh Filtered Water

•  Doggy  Day Beds for rest time

•  Daily massage & brushing

•  Relaxing music all day

•  Shared treats- great time to practice Sit and Drop and tricks

•  Regular pals on set days of the week to play with

•  Completely undercover from all elements

•  Lots of natural light and ventilation

Would you like your Small to Small Medium sized Dog  to be apart of the fun?:

•  Your Dog needs to be old enough to have had his/her C5 12 weeks old and present updates yearly when due

•  Have monthly flea treatment and up to date worm treatment

•  Show no signs of aggression towards other Dogs and HAVE A NATURAL LEVEL OF SOCIALISATION TOWARDS OTHER DOGS & PEOPLE

•  All Dogs must be de-sexed by 6 months old.

•  Not an excessive barker or a citronella collar will have to be worn

•  We prefer dogs who know how to sit, & don’t  jump up excessively

•  Will be happy for Carers to touch them

•  Be BCC registered

What to bring along for a gggreat day:

  • Where a collar or harness with ID
  • Bring along treats to share for the day e.g Liver
  • No Chewy treats or treat that difficult for us to cut and share
  • Old Towel
  • Flat Lead /harness
  • School Bag! – Material Bag to store lead and treats etc
  • Dogs should only visit with a clean coat – NO FLEAS or extra fees will be applied to wash and Cap star your dog, No coughing
  • No Bag/ treats a $1.50 Bag of Royal Canin treats will be added to your account

Please Phone or email administration with Your’s and your Dogs details to book your appointment for an initial interview to temperament test your Dog first. We will be able to guide you for the best day your Dog will have the best fun!   This meeting is $10

Please bring your C5 certificate, Vets details and flea & worming details to secure your booking + $10 for the meeting.

•  Operating Hours:   7am   until  6pm Sharp

•  Operating  Days:   Tuesday to Friday 50 weeks of the year.

•  attending more than 5 hours  is classed as a Full Day of Day Care

•  $1.00 Late Fee will apply after 6:03PM  for Every Minute Late  A $1.00 fine will apply and to be paid at pick up (per family)



Weekly or fortnightly bookings welcome.

Furry Kids Dog Day Care

Unit 4 / 22 Alexandra Plc Murarrie, Brisbane

Tuesday – Friday, 7am to 6 pm sharp.
(07) 3890 3803

New FurryKids HQ

  • Wednesday is Pandora’s favourite day of the week!!
    5 star
    Dog Day Care

1 Dog

price per week

1 weekly regular visit   $40

2 weekly regular visit   $72

3 weekly regular visits $102

4 weekly regular visits $128

1 Visit only (one off)    $45

Half Day Visit

1 weekly Half day         $28

2 weekly Half days         $52

3 weekly Half days         $72

4 weekly Half days         $82

1-2 Hours weekly  $22 per visit

1-2 hours Once off $25 per visit

2 Dogs

price per week for 2 dogs
2 dogs

1 weekly regular visit     $72

2 weekly regular visits $128

3 weekly regular visits $194

4 weekly regular visits $236

Half Day Visits (up to 5 hrs)

1 weekly half day         $52

2 weekly half days       $96

3 weekly half days     $132

4 weekly half days      $164

1 Visit only One off      $85

Miscellaneous charges

Introduction meeting to test temperament: $10.00
Cap star if your dog has fleas: $7.00

Forgot to bring treats to share $2 small bag, 50g treats.
Collecting after 6:03pm every min after this time off: $1 per minute

*If Washing is required … see Dog Grooming prices.

Before Entering Day Care Centre Please walk your dog/s over to the side walk or bushes to do a ‘welcome wee’ and encourage your dogs to do their ‘morning constitution’! Before arriving to day care THANK YOU

Please let us know if you are not attending your usual day, for staffing purposes

If your dog is sick, coughing, has excess fleas or is extremely dirty, please do not attend Day Care.

Please let us know if your dog is sick so that we may warn other parents of the signs.    Thank you. : )


  • Appointment for Each Dog/s to be temperament tested, sight Vaccine paperwork and fill in Contract/ information form        $10
  • All Dogs to be De-sexed by 6mths
  • Pups from 12 weeks Old, Small to Small Medium breeds Welcome. Max . approx 15kgs

Address: Unit 4 / 22 Alexandra Plc. Murarrie

Telephone: 3890 3803 or 0417 747 725


Come along and join in the fun! it’s Woof! Lick! Sniff! Gggreat!

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